• Over 300 billion pounds of plastics are produced each year.
    Trash is unsightly, and customers are turned off when they spot large amounts this plastic floating in marinas.
  • Drops of oil can spread over acres of water.
    Oil sheen has adverse effects on boats, wildlife, and the overall look and feel of a marina.
  • Organic debris can overwhelm marinas.
    Organic debris includes seaweed, logs, plants, etc. If left alone, these will sink to the bottom of a marina resulting in expensive dredging costs.


Tackling the growing epidemic of water pollution, the Marina Trash Skimmer ® has been designed exclusively for the removal of trash and pollutants at a commercial scale. Made from sturdy hardware and industrial-grade motors and components, the Marina Trash Skimmer® is designed to operate in all water conditions.

Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Marina Trash Skimmer® collects trash and removes oil and floating debris from the surface of the water. By removing these contaminants, the Marina Trash Skimmer® will improve the water quality throughout the marina with quick results. Proof of the skimmer’s efficiency and effectiveness can be witnessed by the clearer, more vibrant water.

This video is from one of our customers located in Rhode Island, whose goal is to use the Marina Trash Skimmer® to not only clean their harbor, but also to bring awareness to cleaning our environment.