Customer Reviews

“…we saw an immediate impact in the area surrounding the skimmer location. We would find a large debris field…after a rain storm. But, the skimmer worked like a charm and due to how efficiently it runs, it has most of the debris gone after a day or two.” “Not only does it provide an effective …

Brad Oliver – Half Moon Marina

“The skimmer is working beautifully, and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Without a doubt it was a great investment. We have great reviews from our condo unit owners that live adjacent to the skimmer location, who have recognized the performance of this new equipment.”

Gabriel Ley – Marina Costa Baja

“For Dana Point Harbor the benefits of the skimmer appear to be that it has become a reliable labor-saving device operating 24 hours per day gathering marine debris and utilizing minimal amounts of electricity, which we believe will be a valuable long-term contributor to our water quality program.”

Paul Lawrence – Dana Point Harbor

“The trash skimmers on Aquidneck Island combined with hands-on experiential environmental education activities have generated an enormous island-wide wave of stewardship momentum. Everyone loves the technology & purpose of the skimmers, and each visit, social media post, outreach event, and discussion brings the community together with a common recognition that the global issue of plastic …

Dave McLaughlin – Clean Ocean Access Executive Director

“The children and adults love learning about the trash skimmers and leave with a better understanding of the problem of plastics in the ocean and simple ways they can help to be part of the solution.”

Eva Touhey – Clean Ocean Access Program Manager